Life in NL

The IWCU is one of several IWC groups in the Netherlands. We maintain links with these groups and exchange ideas and information regularly. We are also members of the Open Door Program, putting you in contact with IWC groups all over the world. Additionally, we provide links to organizations that provide services, information and expertise that may be helpful to our members.

The Newcomers Club
The International Women’s Club of Rotterdam (Pickwick Club)

- An all-encompassing non-profit service for expats: helpdesk, workshops, publications, counselling and a quarterly magazine.

Expat Center Utrecht
City of Utrecht
Embassies and consulates in the Netherlands or other clinics/”spoedtandarts”

Electronic signature – facilitates communication with many Dutch authorities, service providers, etc.


0800 2000

Government info on school system – search “education”

Explanation of the Dutch school system

Contact details

Phone: 14030

WhatsApp: 06 2492 7665

Postal address: Postbus 16200, 3500 CE Utrecht

Visitor address: Stadskantoor, Stadsplateau 1, Utrecht