International Women's Contact Utrecht

The IWCU is a proud community of international women supporting charities with a focus on disadvantaged women and children. 

Over the years our club has contributed, both financially and practically, to many charities and good causes. The IWCU raises money through various club activities and events held throughout the year. Our club has always been creative in our fundraising efforts and has organized events such as online silent auctions and our annual International Sunday Market. With members from many different countries, our club also produced a cookbook based on members recipes and all profits from the sale of the cookbook went to charity.

Chosen Charities

Our chosen charities vary from year to year, depending on requests from members. Currently, we are donating to:


Kiva is a microfinancing organization that supports the ability to provide start-up or growth loans to many people who would otherwise be unable to start or grow their business. Our club has sponsored many women’s enterprising initiatives around the world based on an initial deposit of $800. In the past year alone, the IWCU has lent money to women in Egypt, Moldova, Sierra Leone, Jordan, El Salvador and Tanzania.


Marajowi is a foundation that supports a number of children in Malawi. The main aim of the foundation is to give children access to education, food and medical assistance whenever needed. Marajowi pays the children’s boarding school fees and associated costs (school uniforms, materials, extra lessons). It also provides them with some pocket money to buy clothes and groceries. Our club currently raises funds for Marajowi which are directed towards school fees for a child named Gift. Learn more about Gift and Stichting Marajowi here.

Moviera – Women and Children’s Shelter

Moviera helps domestic violence victims by providing them with a safe place to stay if they are in crisis and helping them get their lives back on track once they are safe to leave the shelter. Since 2013, our club has arranged Christmas presents for our local women’s shelters. There are two shelters in Utrecht each housing around 20 women and their children. Our members volunteer to buy presents for the women and children in the shelter, which are then hand delivered in time for a Christmas celebration. In 2018 we also raised €750 through our annual Summer Fair to help Moviera expand their toy library for the children at their shelters.