International Women's Contact Utrecht

Events from September 22, 2021

  • Starting on September 22, 2021 20:00
    The IWCU Nederlandse Boekenclub is a sub-group of the International Women's Contact Utrecht (IWCU), an English speaking contact group for women living in The Netherlands. The purpose of this sub-group is to read, enjoy and discuss adult level dutch books. By seeking out books that are written for adults, but at a "dutch is not my first language" level, we hope to together learn to read and speak a bit better Dutch while enjoying a good story.
  • Starting on September 22, 2021 19:00
    Categories: Let's Eat Out Utrecht
    Utrecht has a great variety of restaurants, and once a month Anne Stottrup organises a LEO Let's Eat Out dinner. She chooses either a new restaurant, or a very well known one, or just one that has caught her attention. Each guest orders what they would like to eat, and pays for their own consumption.
  • From September 22, 2021 10:00 until 12:00
    Categories: Mums and Tots
    If you're looking for a coffee and chat, these informal playgroups provide a fun way to meet other IWCU members hosting in their own home or in a public play-park or venue. The children get to spend two hours with English-speaking playmates. Come along to one of these friendly, lively mornings or afternoons to pick up some useful advice, have a great time and a good chat. Comment from host: Welcome for a coffee or tea in our home while the kids play. I have two kids that now are too old for Mums and Tots, since they are in school during the day. Our son is 7 years old and our daughter is 5 years old. But I'm happy to welcome smaller kids and their mothers in our home.
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