Vegetarian St Patricks Day Themed Dinner


How better to celebrate the greenest of all holidays than a vegetarian dinner?

Ivo and I would like to invite you to a vegetarian Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. Even though I’m only a wee bit Irish (thanks great-great grandma Bridget Kelly!), I couldn’t hold a theme dinner on that day without paying tribute. So, wear green, think green, eat green.

St Patrick’s Day celebrations can go Irish or green (or both!) and I’m open to it all. So bring along your potato dishes and stews and all the other yummy Irish food. Or, if you want to go the North American route and just make something coloured green, however sacrilegious that may actually be for the real Irish!

And good news! Guinness beer is now vegan - they’ve stopped using fish bits to strain it as of the beginning of this year. So feel free to bring that along and whatever you’d like to drink along with your food. Ivo and I will provide soft drinks and some beer/wine to get us started.

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Date and Time 

Saturday, 17. March 2018, 20:00
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