IWCU offers a variety of activities to suit all sorts of interests and tastes. These are a great way to socialize, learn a new skill or share your hobbies and interests. We have regular activities that take place one or more times a month and annual events. From time to time, we also have one-off special events.
  • Summer fair
  • Annual Kids' Events

    We organize several annual kids events throughout the year. Every year the Easter Bunny gets busy and lays eggs for the children to find. Halloween sees kids in spooky costumes doing Halloween activities and a bit of trick-or-treating. And at Christmas, Santa Claus himself shows up to hand out presents at a Christmas party.

    Mums & Tots playgroup

    Mums and Tots meetings are open to all IWCU members, whether you have tots or not. If you're expecting a baby, or you're thinking of starting a family, or you just feel like being around someone else's kids, come along to one of these spirited get togethers to pick up some useful advice and also have a great time. If you're looking for an informal coffee and chat, these playgroups provide fun ways to meet other IWCU members. Plus the children get to spend time with English-speaking playmates. There are usually 1-2 Mums and Tots meetings per week, held in different members' homes.
  • Café Mornings

    Our Café Mornings take place in Utrecht and Amersfoort and Zeist. They are centrally located and easily accessible. They are open to all prospective members and are a great, low-stress way to come and check out the club. Current members can meet new people and/or catch up with members you already know and there are no dishes to wash or crumbs to sweep up!

    Coffee Events in members' homes

    IWCU Coffee Events are a wonderful way to get to know other Club members in a relaxed environment. Coffee mornings and evenings take place in members' homes. If you enjoy baking, feel free to bring a plate of homemade goodies to share: everyone will be delighted!

    Let's Eat Out

    Once every month we organize an informal dinner at one of the many eateries/restaurants/cafes in Utrecht. There is a lot to choose from – some times we try a completely new restaurant with an interesting or unusual concept, some times we go to one of the well known places – but every time, it is a fun night with delicious food and good conversations.

    Pub Night

    Monthly Pub Nights take place in various restaurants and pubs in Utrecht, Amersfoort and Zeist. These evenings are wonderful opportunities to have a drink and a chat with friends in a relaxed setting. Partners and friends are welcome. It's all very relaxed and friendly. So come enjoy the pub-fun!

    Themed Dinners

    Themed Dinners are a monthly opportunity to explore other cultures and enjoy each other’s company at the same time. Partners are very welcome and several usually attend, so there is always a nice mix of people for lively conversation and fun.
  • Annual Socials

    We have several annual socials. In the early spring, we often have some kind of active lesson, like belly-dancing or zumba. Later is the year is the Annual General Meeting and dinner. The summer sees a Summer Social, whether on a boat or a picnic, and a BBQ. In the fall we have our annual Pub Quiz, and we close off the year with a festive Winter Social.


    Bookworms is an informal get-together, open to all IWCU members who love to read. Each month the meeting is held in a different member's home and there is a lively discussion about a chosen book which everyone has had chance to read before attending the meeting. It's a great way to get to know people and socialize, so come along and join us for an evening!

    Salon Talks

    Salon talks are talks given in members home about wide ranging subjects, from aging parents to Dutch politics.

    Small Business Club

    The Small Business Club (SBC) is a support group to all IWCU members who either have a small business, are thinking of starting one or to those who just enjoy the exchange of creative energy and tips concerning projects they are working on. It meets monthly at various locations and member homes.
  • Arts & Crafts Paint workshop

    Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished artist, our Arts and Crafts events are fun for all. These sessions are about sharing inspiration, learning and fun! Bring along any projects you’re working on or just come and do some painting or drawing.

    Museum Visits

    Every month we head off to a different museum, somewhere in the Netherlands. Come along and learn!

    Photo Workshop

    These are evening sessions to manage photos, get ideas on photo books (either digital or printed).

    Sewing Circle

    This is an informal get-together for both beginners and advanced seamstresses. The idea is to pool our knowledge and help each other. So bring along your projects, be it machining, knitting, darning, cross-stitch, patchwork or any other needlework. Let's get sewing!

    Special Events

    From time to time, there are one-off special events such as:
    • Theatre trips
    • Visits to other IWC groups
    • Aspiring Chef's workshops
    • Charity events

    Members are free to suggest and organize any sort of events - we're always open for new ideas. And some of these events become regular events, like museum trips and the annual bus trip to the Christmas markets.