International Women's Contact Utrecht


The IWCU was established in 1992 to promote contact between English-speaking women living in the province of Utrecht. We are a non-political, non-religious, non-commercial organisation for internationally minded women. We have over 150 members from 30 different countries around the world.

Our purpose is to provide a place for women to meet each other, find support and information, make friends and socialise. We do this through offering a calendar full of activities and events, a supportive international community, and the opportunity to connect with other women to foster new friendships. 


The IWCU is a proud member of Open Door, a network of International Women's Associations. This network connects us to sixty-six other clubs around the world and five of these are located in the Netherlands.

IWC Amsterdam
IWC Breda
IWC Eindhoven
lWC South Limburg
IWC The Hague


The IWCU is a membership based organisation, run by members, for members. We have a creative and active membership that organises our calendar of activities and events. Alongside our team of activity and event coordinators, the IWCU is guided by an Executive Board, chosen and appointed annually by our members.

The Board is comprised as follows: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Calendar Coordinator, Charity Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Newsletter Coordinator, Open Door Coordinator, Prospective Member Coordinator, Publicity Coordinator, Social Coordinator and Website Coordinator.

Together we shape the identity of our club.


Activities & Events

With a calendar full of activities and events, we offer many opportunities to connect with other members.


Since the very beginning , the IWCU has actively supported charities both locally and around the world.


Become a prospective member and attend two events free of charge before deciding if you would like to join the club.