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The IWCU is one of several IWC groups in the Netherlands. We maintain links with these groups and exchange ideas and information regularly. We are also members of the Open Door Program, putting you in contact with IWC groups all over the world. Additionally, we provide links to organizations that provide services, information and expertise that may be helpful to our members.

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Free of charge

List of lawyers in Utrecht



Language schools in Utrecht

If you are interested in practicing your spoken Dutch then the IWCU also runs a bi-weekly Praatgroep Nederlands. See the calendar for more details.

Government information on various types of relationship contracts

Links to all kinds of sports in Utrecht

List of certified translators

Link to center for volunteer work

While many vacancies listed in their database require fluency in Dutch, there are organizations that welcome volunteers who speak English. When searching the database for English speaking volunteer opportunities, make sure you check the 'show vacancies suitable for English speaking volunteers' box.